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Pest Control

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Pest control Service Details


When it comes to getting pest control for your home or office, a professional pest control company is the right choice. What is even better? Getting the world's leading pest control experts and India's leading pest control brand come together to solve your pest problem. Welcome to Dailypit, the global experts in pest control.


    • Finding hiding spots of bed bugs by properly trained Hygiene Experts
    • Injection of mild odour spray to get rid of bed bugs followed by next service after 15 days.
    • Highly effective and completely controls infestation of Bed bugs at home ensuring no bed bugs are found in the infected places post treatment.


Why should you Choose DailyPit Professionals for Pest control services?

  • 5+ Year Legacy
  • Safe for Kids, elderly people & Pets
  • Hassle-free Service
  • 100% Safe chemicals
  • Service at Your Doorstep
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Qualified & Trusted Professionals


Manpower: 1 Person for each visit


How do We work?

Choose Pest controls Type ⮕ Service Type ⮕ Time Slot ⮕ Book Now ⮕ Hassle-Free Service


Strict Safety Measures

  • Utilisation of Masks & Gloves
  • Temperature checks mandatory
  • Sanitised Tools
  • Hygienic Professionals
  • Chemical is safe for kids, elderly people & pets

Terms & Conditions

  • Complaint Service is free of cost.
  • Service needs to be taken within 30 days of the scheduled date

Just contact our experts with your custom requirements, and we'll help you find the best Pest control Professionals at the most affordable price. It's that simple.

Customer Review's: What they says about us!


As previously stated, all pest control service projects differ from one to another. That said, we cannot guarantee which product will be used in your case scenario. We can, however, list a handful of the most commonly-used pest control products when you avail for this service.

A Pest Control service typically includes cleaning and maintaining the house safety, checking and removing pests without letting anyone suffer during and after the service. Once the house is serviced with the pest control by a Dailypit Agent, we offer further 30 days service satisfaction guarantee to our customers.

There are many effective methods for controlling pests in the home. Some common strategies include using traps, baits, and chemical pesticides, as well as sealing entry points and removing sources of food, water, and shelter for the pests. It may also be helpful to regularly clean and declutter the home, as this can help reduce the attractiveness of the environment to pests. In some cases, it may be necessary to call a professional pest control service from Dailypit for assistance with identifying and eliminating pests from the home.

You can book any services through our website or use the Dailypit mobile application available on Google Play Store and App Store. Furthermore, you may simply call on our customer care at +91 8053-687-687 (Toll-Free).

Yes, you can surely reschedule or cancel your booking by logging into your account via the website or mobile application or simply talking to our customer care agent. Kindly read our cancellation policy to know about the cancellation charges.

Accepted payment modes by Dailypit are as follows: UPI payments, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Net Banking and you can also choose Cash on Delivery (COD).

The popular localities where we offer Pest Control services in Delhi are Laxmi Nagar, Pitampura, Uttam Nagar, Vasant Kunj, Paschim Vihar, Janakpuri, Vikaspuri, Rajouri Garden, Lajpat Nagar, Noida, Gurugram/Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Okhla, Saket, Nehru Place, GK (Greater Kailash), R K Puram, Rohini, Punjabi Bagh, Hauz Khas, Patel Nagar, South Ex, Model Town, Dwarka, Karol Bagh. Contact us if you want to find out whether we can provide service in your area.

There are several reasons why professional pest control services can be beneficial: 1. Expertise: Professional pest control companies employ trained and experienced technicians who know how to effectively identify and eliminate different types of pests. 2. Safety: Professional pest control technicians use safe and effective methods to control pests, reducing the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals or other hazards. 3. Efficiency: Professional pest control technicians use specialized equipment and techniques to quickly and effectively eliminate pests from your home or business. 4. Long-term solutions: Professional pest control companies can help identify and eliminate the source of the pest infestation, providing long-term solutions to prevent future pest problems. 5. Health benefits: Pest control can help reduce the risk of illness and allergies by eliminating pests and their nests from your home or business. 6. Property protection: Pest control can help protect your property from damage caused by pests, such as termites or rodents.

The cost of the service of an air conditioner would vary depending upon the type of inspection being performed and the location it is being operated. We always recommend our users have quotes from multiple providers to get the best price. For inquiries, you may contact our customer service agent at +91 (8053) 687-687 (Toll-Free).

There are numerous ways that pests can enter a home. Ants, roaches, and even mice can enter through impossibly tiny cracks and crevices as they search for food and shelter. To lessen the chances of pests intruding into your home, be sure to keep any branches, shrubs, piles of firewood, decorative rocks, and any other aspect of landscaping well-maintained.

The length of time that pest control measures last can vary depending on the type of pest, the method of control used, and the specific circumstances of the infestation. Some pest control methods may provide long-lasting protection, while others may need to be reapplied more frequently. It is generally recommended to follow the instructions provided by the furniture manufacturer or pest control professional, and to monitor the treated area for any signs of pest activity. The strongest products on the market last 60-90 days. After that, they biodegrade and become a part of the natural environment. If you notice that pests are returning or if you have any concerns about the effectiveness of the pest control measures, you should contact the product or furniture manufacturer or pest control professional like Dailypit for further assistance.

We confirm the booking and serve you with our best available staff in your locality. We cannot guarantee whether a Dailypit Agent will arrive at the location or there be a Third Party vendor providing you solutions.

Where other brands are focused on customer satisfaction, Dialypit believes in service satisfaction and allows users to claim reservicing if the same issue appears within 30 days. Furthermore, we provide extended warranty on all types of product servicing.

We provide highly trained exterminators that have worked on hundreds of sites full of pests on a yearly basis. In exceptional cases, if our agent cannot resolve your pest problems on the first visit, we will schedule another visit at no cost.

A lot of customers assume that pest products will be washed away during the rain. So, it’s common for pest control companies to receive calls requesting to reschedule their services due to not-so-ideal weather conditions. Contrary to popular belief, pest control treatments are rarely affected by rain or snow. Rain and monsoon can actually optimize pest control services, as pests are typically drawn out of the ground. Along with that, rain and monsoon have been known to benefit pest control services. This is because some products (formulated granular pellets) are placed on a property needing water to be activated by water. These pellets seep deeply into your soil, preventing crickets, earwigs, ants, and other unwelcome pests from intruding into your home. If you live in an area that regularly experiences abnormally harsh weather conditions, be sure to explain those conditions to your pest control professional.

Dailypit Pest Control’s first priority is the safety and happiness of our customers, as well as being as environmentally friendly as possible. All of our materials are EPA approved and biodegradable and all technicians have been thoroughly trained on industry safety regulations and guidelines. The products we use are the same products that are used in sensitive areas, such as schools and hospitals. We take pride in providing pet-friendly and kid-friendly pest solutions to our clients.