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Cars are more than just a means of transportation, in fact, they reflect our personality and style. Therefore, it is important to keep them looking their best. Regularly washing your car might be the best way to keep your cars in good condition but sometimes, your car needs to be properly and professionally cleaned. With time and usage, cars tend to collect dirt, dust and other such things which become hard to remove. But don’t worry- DailyPit is here for you and your car!

Types of car wash
1. Foam wash-
A foam wash will make your car look brand new and shiny. We, at DailyPit care for you and your car, that is why we use high quality 3M chemical to make your car look clean.
2. Vacuum wash- Removing dirt from car seats is the most challenging part of washing your car and requires professional assistance. With a vacuum wash, we will clean your car from inside and make it look as neat as ever.

How do we work?
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Why should you choose DailyPit for Carwash?
✅ Trained and verified technicians
✅ Follows strict safety measures
✅ Use of authenticated and genuine spare parts
✅ Pocket-friendly services

Strict Safety Measures
✅ Utilization of masks and gloves
✅ Temperature checks done
✅ Sanitized tools
✅ Hygienic tools

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