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Is it necessary to service the washing machine ?

Washing Machine
20 Jun, 2022

Is it necessary to service the washing machine ?

In today’s world, when both men and women are working, they hardly get time to do the usual household chores. Do you know who is helping them the most? TECHNOLOGY! Living in modern times is a blessing. When we look back at the life of our ancestors, we certainly feel grateful for the technology and inventions. Every innovation ever done is to make human life simpler. 

One of the most dreaded tasks in our daily life is washing clothes. As the saying goes “Behind every mother is a basket full of laundry”, laundry is a real never-ending story. In earlier times, people used to wash clothes with their hands that would squeeze not only the clothes but also all their energy and time. They used to suffer from severe backaches as well. With the help of the washing machine, the scenario has changed. Even the gender difference

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